Delivery and Returns Policy


Once you order a Best Dressed box, you will receive it within a week. Once we have been notified that your box has been delivered to you, you have 35 days to wear your outfit or pieces. Any items you wish to buy after the 35-day rental period are $10 off, and if you decide to keep your entire box, it is 15% off. You can send back the items of clothing you do not wish to buy. You can return your items with the provided printed sticker we have provided in your Best Dressed box. Your next box will not be sent until you choose to purchase it.

If 40 days have gone by since your purchase and you have not sent back the box, we will charge you for any kept pieces of clothing.

To be eligible for a return, your items must not be damaged (stained or ripped). Wrinkled, worn, and unwashed items are acceptable. It must also be in the black Best Dressed Box.

If a box purchase is marked as a gift, please put the recipient's address in the checkout space when purchasing their box. Any items they wish to be kept will be charged to the purchased account.


Once ordered, your box will reach you within two weeks.

To return your product, past the shipping label on the top right-hand corner of the box and put it in the mailbox at the United States Postal Service.